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Denver Photo Art Gallery

August 13, 2012

Visit the Denver Photo Art Gallery Facebook page and vote for your favorite storm photo in their monthly contest.

Click on this link and “like” my image to help me get into the final voting ! …

Don’t forget to visit the gallery itself… Image


Articles #001: “How to read a photograph like a book”

August 3, 2012

One of my purposes with this blog site is not only to expand my own knowledge and understanding; but to pass it along to others.

Today, I found and interesting article from that we can apply to all genres of photography.  The article covers seven different items to think about when looking at a photograph.  It reminds us that in order to learn the craft, it is important to study it.  I’ve often found myself asking the question- “but what am I supposed to be looking for?”  The article really broke it down by simply listing questions on what you ask yourself wen looking at a photo.  I really think this will definitely help me critique my own work! 

Experimental #001: Oil & Water

August 1, 2012

I picked up this fun experiment on photographing bubbles after mixing cooking oil and water from photographer Mike Moats .  Through a pretty basic set-up with a clear glass dish and scrapbooking paper I got some really fun pics.  My pyrex baking dish had some texture to the glass, so the images aren’t quite as crisp as I would like; but it’s definitely worth a repeat on a rainy day.

Check out Mike’s fabulous tutorial here… 

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